Banded Steel Wheels made to your requirements


Banded Steel Wheels

We have been banding wheels for over 10 years…

And we only band wheels supplied by the customer

We band our wheels by cutting in a Lathe this ensures the wheel is cut true and therefore makes it much easier to get the wheel back true when reassembling. The wheel is then welded in a revolving welder to get a weld with no or very few stop starts which is normally where a leak will start. All our wheels are then dressed up and pressure testing before returning them.

This listing is for 4 wheels to a  maximum of 16 inch diameter and supplied by you to be banded to a maximum of 10j

which are priced at £50 per wheel

Contact us first to discuss your requirements

Prices are..

up to 16″D / 10″ wide
£50 per wheel
over 10 ” Wide
£55 per wheel
Over 13″ Wide
£60 per wheel
17″D and over wheels
£65 per wheel
4mm Band wheels
+£5 per wheel

Blasting available at £10 per wheel


Courier costs are added to the final price, we use which are priced at £30 per 4 wheels but this can also depend on weight and size as we are making them bigger, we are also happy for you to arrange your own courier or to collect.


Sorry we don’t accept returns as these are a bespoke item to your specifications but we will deal with anything that is incorrect by our fault or damage caused by us.

To order email or ring us on 07823889541


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