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Hotrods and Custom Metalwork

Bead roller and english wheel

Over the last few years we have been working on metalwork for classic Fords such as the Mk2 Escort which is a very popular car for Motorsport and Rally builds. Aswell as classic Fords we have also been undertaking welding and fabrication work on Custom cars and Hotrods which has a varied amount of custom metalwork.

Although panels for the ford escort are remanufactured and readily available,for many vehicles they are not, and need to be made, especially on one off projects such as Hotrods etc.. when making panels we use old and new methods to attain shape in the metalwork to get the fit correct, we have several tools to hand such as the English wheel, Bead roller and shrinker stretchers or just the old fashioned hammer and dolly. We also make our own tooling for pressing sheet metal and making tools to get that acquired shape.

We also post our work and projects on our Youtube Channel

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shrinker stretcher metal shaping